API Documentation

The block explorer provides an API allowing users and/or applications to retrieve information from the network without the need for a local wallet.

API Calls

Return data from chaincoind

  • getmaxmoney
    Returns the maximum possible money supply.

  • getmaxvote
    Returns the maximum allowed vote for the current phase of voting.

  • getvote
    Returns the current block reward vote setting.

  • getphase
    Returns the current voting phase ('Mint', 'Limit' or 'Sustain').

  • getreward
    Returns the current block reward, which has been decided democratically in the previous round of block reward voting.

  • getsupply
    Returns the current money supply.

  • getnextrewardestimate
    Returns an estimate for the next block reward based on the current state of decentralized voting.

  • getnextrewardwhenstr
    Returns string describing how long until the votes are tallied and the next block reward is computed.

Extended API

Return data from local indexes

Linking (GET)

Linking to the block explorer